For our young clients who attend nursery, it can be a great opportunity to have a nursery programme in place alongside some home ABA sessions.

This is to ensure that skills learned in the home environment can be generalised into the nursery education environment.

It can also be an opportunity for our young clients to be supported with group activities, peer interactions and developing their play and social skills.

If families are looking to have some nursery ABA sessions, it is important they speak to the nursery prior to therapists going in to check if this is something nursery would accommodate. Most nurseries are used to occasional visits from professionals but do not often come across daily or weekly visits.

Most nurseries are happy with this but would require the ABA therapists to have an up to date DBS check and possibly safeguarding training.

Some nurseries require additional information on what ABA is, what the programme would entail and how often an ABA therapist would be coming in.

Case Managers would be more than happy to answer any questions nurseries may have with regards to the setting up of a nursery ABA programme.