We currently support clients in their home environments. Depending on the age of the client will depend on what types of programmes we target:

 For our early learners (children up to the ages of 5 years old) we may target pre-requisite skills at home such as communication, learning to learn skills, play skills, independent skills, expanding interests, desensitisation programmes (e.g. hair or nail cutting) and natural environment learning.

For our children who have after school programmes or have flexi-schooling we may continue to target communication, learning to learn skills, desensitisation programmes, independent skills, community skills, social skills etc.

For our older clients (teenagers/adults) we may target communication, self-management skills, organisation skills, social skills, community skills, functional and independent living skills etc.


Home programmes ensure clients have lots of opportunities to learn new skills in their home environment with minimal distraction. An ABA therapist will either come to the clients’ house to deliver the ABA sessions or families run the targets at home themselves after training has been provided.

Home programmes can include parent, carers and sibling involvement, where they are trained in supporting ABA strategies with the learner so to ensure the skills learned are generalised across lots of different people and into their everyday lives.

This can be a good opportunity to support and develop social interactions with the learners and their family members such as turn-taking or co-operative play, as well as many other skills.