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Rainbow Behavioural Therapies

We aim to utilise our skills and passion for working with people to encourage and help them discover their motivation to achieve their highest potential

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OASIS Parent Coaching

Several of our Rainbow Behavioural Therapies employees are now certified OASIS Parent Coaches.

The OASIS Parent Training Program is a 16- 20 week program. During the program, you will complete web-based informational modules, and you and your child will attend weekly sessions via telehealth with your OASIS Parent Coach.


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Trainings, Webinars and CEU Events

Online Training & Webinars Available Soon!

Rainbow Behavioural Therapies offer a variety of in-person and webinar trainings on various topics and applications of behavioural science.

What Is ABA?

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is the application of behavioural scientific principles to support socially significant behaviours. It is an evidence-based practice that uses data to drive decision making for behavioural change. Specific learning objectives are identified and targeted with continuous monitoring of data to ensure progress is made. 

Become an ABA Therapist Today!


We are looking for ABA Therapists, across the North West of England and North Wales, to join our incredible, ever growing and fantastically supportive team!

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