OASIS Parent Coaching


Becca Allam ABA Therapist

What is OASIS Parent Coaching?

The OASIS Parent Training Program is a 16- 20 week program. During the program, you will complete web-based informational modules, and you and your child will attend weekly sessions via telehealth with an OASIS Parent Coach.

What will you learn?

You will:

  • Learn how to support you child using evidence-based skills.
  • Receive instruction and support on how to promote independence, gain and maintain your child’s attention, and to teach your child appropriate replacement skills for behaviours of concern.
  • Learn strategies to advance your child’s social and academic skills, encourage generalisation of new skills, and maintain learned skills.
  • Learn techniques on developing effective methods of interacting and playing with your child.

What is included?

  • Complimentary 1 hour telehealth Meet & Greet with one of Rainbow’s certified OASIS Parent Training Coach 
  • Telehealth initial assessment of your child’s needs (up to 3 hours)
  • Initial targets identified and target sheets shared 
  • Weekly telehealth meetings with your certified OASIS Parent Training Coach for 16 weeks (up to 2 hours) for parent coaching and discussing targets
  • A copy of the parent training handbook to support and guide you through the online training modules
  • Access to the evidence-based OASIS online Parent Training Modules which includes Tutorials, video examples, worksheets and more



What will it cover?

The course content includes:

  1. Introduction to Autism and Behavioural Treatment
  2. ABA and Evidence-Based Approach
  3. Defining and Observing Behaviour
  4. Collecting Data & Graphing
  5. Reinforcement Strategies
  6. Differential Reinforcement
  7. Stimulus Control
  8. Increasing Correct Responding
  9. General Teaching Strategies
  10. Teaching a New Skill
  11. Specific Teaching Methods
  12. Decreasing Rates of Behaviours
  13. Putting It All Together & Program Development

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